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Best.Gift.Ever. Canadian Feed The Children

It’s more than a gift - it’s a life changer

When you choose a gift like goats, chickens, or bees, you really are giving the Best.Gift.Ever. These symbolic gifts are fun gift-giving ideas for your loved ones - and are life changing for children and families around the world. Here’s how:

Meet Stecy, who is featured on the Best.Gift.Ever catalogue cover

The pandemic hit 7-year-old Stecy’s family hard - her grandmother Betty had to sell her poultry farm due to rising costs of feed, and all the money earned from that venture was used to provide food for the family. Coupled with children being out of school, increased cost of public transportation and home goods, Stecy’s family was in a tight spot financially.

But then Stecy’s family received the Best.Gift.Ever of a goat and it restored hope for the entire family. In the infancy stage, Stecy’s family’s goat herding project is going to set-up Stecy and her siblings for the future.

Betty received training on goat care, farm expansion, and access to a veterinary consultant. Now with three goats, Stecy is looking forward to how the goats will support the family. “Having the goat makes me responsible, I feed them, help them graze, clean their pen. I love watching them eat and combing their hair, it makes me so happy,” Stecy told us.

A Best.Gift.Ever like goats can change the future for children like Stecy by setting up families with reliable sources of income and food, so they can all thrive.

Stecy and her family with their three goats

The gift of a goat changed everything for Stecy and her family.


Greatest Need

Ayisha in Ghana faced forced migration from her home to support her family because of the pandemic. When girls are forced to migrate to bigger cities, they are pulled out of school and face many dangerous situations like trafficking and domestic violence.

Her aunt Mariama knew she would never compromise on her niece’s education, and was given the gift of hope from Canadian donors. A gift of Greatest Need ($50) that goes to where support is most needed, can make a life-changing difference for children and families. Your support means parents are not faced with difficult decisions and can focus on ensuring their children have enough to eat and can study in school.

Gloria with her sheep


Gloria’s family received a special gift when they needed it most - the gift of a sheep ($60).

Mary, Gloria’s grandmother, is working hard to grow a sheep business. With the help of her grandchildren, Mary has made big plans to expand her farm. Sheep are a great resource for farm expansion and income generation as they are easily bred, and selling off sheep to other community members is lucrative. Sheep recipients receive feed, training on care and breeding, and the regular support of community agricultural workers.

Indigenous Canadian children stand in front of wild harvested food cooking

Community Harvesting

Traditional foods are of utmost importance for Indigenous communities. For centuries, Indigenous people have used their knowledge of traditional food systems and the land as means of survival. These food systems, made up of harvested wild game, fish, bird, berries, and plants, promote Indigenous livelihoods and are deeply rooted in the cultural genes of Indigenous communities. Traditional foods are beneficial for their overall health, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Read how Red Rock Indian Band is working to reclaim traditional food for their Nation and promote healthier lifestyles, better mental health, and physical well-being.

school children at St. Paul Bulega primary school receive their new school uniforms

School Uniforms

Thanks to our supporters, these primary school students are receiving brand new school uniforms ($15). Usually mandatory but often unaffordable, this simple gift allows a child to enroll in school, gives her confidence and a sense of belonging. Children in our programs frequently say that their school uniform is their most treasured possession. For just $15, your gift provides a child with a warm memory and the priceless opportunity to stay in and graduate from school.


School Meals

School meals ($75) are the heart and soul of our Canadian programming and ensure children in First Nations communities are nourished in their bodies, minds and spirits. All of CFTC's Canadian school food programs - like this one here at Elsipogtog First Nation in Elsipogtog FN, NB - provide well-balanced, breakfasts, lunches and snacks. School food programs increasingly include a nutrition education component, to create a long-term impact on food security, nutrition and health for children and parents alike.

African girl smiles at the camera

Period Kit

Conversations around the normalization of gender equality, menstruation and hygiene help to educate communities on the importance of a girl’s education.

In many communities worldwide, when girls are menstruating, they are forced to leave school, which not only sets back their education but puts them at risk of dangers like early pregnancy, trafficking and violence. By providing girls with reusable sanitary pads through a period kit ($18), girls will be provided with the essentials to manage their periods, but also help keep them in school every day.

Kiana in her community garden

Community Garden

Community gardens have shown many times their incredible value, but during the pandemic they have become even more important.

When families faced difficulties getting enough food from job loss and rising food costs, community gardens ($80) were there to provide much-needed fresh produce.

Kiana from Esgenoôpetitj First Nation recognized the importance of community gardens as an affordable food option, and crucial for Indigenous food sovereignty when she maintained the local school’s community garden during school closures. This ensured that families in the area still had a reliable source of nutritious produce during hard times.

student sitting at her desk

Educational Gifts

Story time in Bolivia! Early Childhood Education ($42), library books ($35), and school supplies ($18) - among the most popular Best Gifts Ever - create enriched environments where children from the earliest ages through primary school can learn, grow and thrive. Browse our entire range of educational gifts or honour your favourite teacher with a Best Gift Ever.



Latrines are essential for improving community hygiene and keeping children healthy and in school.

Private, clean, easily-accessible and gender segregated latrines ($125) ensure that women and girls have a safe toilet to use. This helps reduce their risk of violence and trafficking.

As well, latrines are imperative for girls and women to manage menstrual hygiene, which is important for their health and safety. Latrines built near schools provide a safe and clean space for children to stay in school and maintain good hygiene.

Madam Nwabi

Agricultural Training

Madam Nwabi, a farmer in Ghana, had lower crop yields due to pest infestations and erratic weather changes. Since she relies on farming as her main income, poor crop yields affected her ability to feed her family.

Through the gift of Agricultural Training ($29) she received training on how to make a natural and cheap pest control remedy from neem oil and peppers. Her crop yields nearly doubled and she was able to pay all her bills, be debt free and provide for her family.

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