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Best.Gift.Ever. Canadian Feed The Children

Meet the Beneficiaries of Your Gifts

When is a goat more than a goat? How do seeds grow into an early childhood development centre? How does the gift of a latrine prevent violence toward girls and women?

Tangible gifts like goats, seeds and school latrines are fun holiday gift-giving ideas, but also mean so much more to the children and families who receive them. Here's just a small sampling of how your donations to the Best Gift Ever symbolic gift program change lives.

Woinshet Tefera

34-year-old widow, goat recipient and self-help group member
Abaye-Atir, North Shewa, Ethiopia

I was one of the poorest of the poor in my community and I was struggling to survive with my two children. But my life has changed significantly since I started rearing goats. Before receiving two goats, my income was not sufficient to cover my household expenses and I couldn’t meet the needs of my children.

Since I started rearing goats and earning an income from them, the biggest difference in my children’s lives is that they are now happy and hopeful. I am able to provide adequate food for my children and pay for school expenses. My children’s future is bright!

I am on a good track and I am growing my business. I sold 10 goats for 6,850 birr, and bought a deep freezer and fridge and started selling soft drinks and beer. Now I am getting an average of 200 birr per day compared to less than 100 birr per day previously.

I maintain 13 goats which are all in good condition. I want to have a big area of land to expand my business and increase my herd of goats to large number.

Woinshet standing by her new freezer which is full of drinks to sell

Thousands of women like Woinshet are starting and growing businesses, gaining power and voice and creating a sustainable path out of poverty for their families and communities.

Woinshet has doubled her income thanks to the Ethiopian livestock distribution and business training program.

school gardens

School Garden

Nourishing food and nourishing knowledge at Eel Ground FN, NB. CFTC Program Coordinator shows six-year-old Serenity where fresh food comes from at the Eel Ground school and community garden. Your school garden gift ($90) buys seeds, garden tools and supplies and educational materials to teach kids how to make good things grow! School and community gardens are also provided in Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Bolivia.
teacher training

Teacher Training

Knowledgeable, well-trained, qualified educators are critical to shape the future potential of each child, like Azalech Tadesse - an award-winning early childhood educator shown here at Gelan II centre in Ethiopia. Your Best Gift Ever supports teacher training ($60) in enriched environments in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and Bolivia. Read Azalech Tadesse's story and learn more about how your donations make a crucial difference for the youngest children.


Ethiopia is one of the world’s largest honey producers, and in recent years rural farmers have started beekeeping ($54) as a way to earn additional income. "My vision is to educate all my children up to the level they want to reach using the returns from my hives", says Awolae Chew, an Ethiopian farmer. The gift of beekeeping benefits the entire community as bees help maintain biodiversity and aid in pollination for better crops.


Chickens ($15 for three chicks) provide income and nutrition for both urban and rural families across Africa, including in CFTC's countries of operation: Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana. Chickens are easy to obtain and keep, require little room and are hardy. And like goats, chickens can be raised by women, who rarely have access to arable land for other types of produce/livestock.

Educational Gifts

Story time in Bolivia! Toys and games ($28), reading corners ($35), and school supplies ($18) - among the most popular Best Gifts Ever - create enriched environments where children from the earliest ages through primary school can learn, grow and thrive. Browse our entire range of educational gifts or honour your favourite teacher with a Best Gift Ever.


Mom and son raise sheep ($48) in Ethiopia, where sheep are better options than goats as a source of nutrition and income for rural families. They breed reliably and can free graze on available plants. Sheep recipients receive feed, training on care and breeding, and the regular support of community agricultural workers.
school children at St. Paul Bulega primary school receive their new school uniforms

School Uniforms

Thanks to BGE supporters, these St. Paul Bulega primary school students are receiving brand new school uniforms ($10). Usually mandatory but often unaffordable, this simple gift allows a child to enroll in school, gives her confidence and a sense of belonging. Children in our programs frequently say that their school uniform is their most treasured possession. For just $10, your gift provides a child with a warm memory and the priceless opportunity to stay in and graduate from school.

School Meals

School meals ($65) are the heart and soul of our Canadian programming and ensure children in First Nations communities are nourished in their bodies, minds and spirits. All of CFTC's Canadian school food programs - like this one here at Elsipogtog First Nation in Elsipogtog FN, NB - provide well-balanced, breakfasts, lunches and snacks. School food programs increasingly include a nutrition education component, to create a long-term impact on food security, nutrition and health for children and parents alike.

Women's Credit

Like mother, like daughter. Fatouma Oumar (left), a long-time member of a women's credit group supported by CFTC's local partner, MCDP, in Kirkos sub-City outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has run a successful market stall selling all manner of household goods. She's been so successful, in fact, that she recruited her daughter, Alimitou Moussa (right), to run her household-goods stall so she could focus on selling vegetables at another stall on market day. A little Best.Gift.Ever help in the form of a women's credit gift ($120), and a whole lot of hard work - and these women are supporting themselves and their families.


In CFTC’s communities, such as Bidima, Ghana pictured above (read more), the Best Gift Ever is a clean, private, easily-accessible and gender-segregated latrine ($125). Having to defecate openly infringes on human safety and dignity. Women and girls risk rape and abuse as they wait until night falls to gain some privacy. Even where toilets do exist, they generally remain inadequate for those with special needs and women and girls requiring facilities to manage menstrual hygiene. That is why latrines are so critical to be built near to schools. Where they exist, the drop-out rate for girls at puberty declines.
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